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Media Asset Management System für die Verwaltung von Ton- und Videoaufnahmen


Datenbank für Archivdaten, Tonaufnahmen, Filme, Audiodateien und Videodateien The System is based on the open source solution php/MySQL
Datenbank Audiodaten und Video, Publikation von Archivdaten im Internet, Programmierung von Datenbanken The source code is well documented
Audioaufnahmen und Filmaufnahmen im Internet publizieren, archivieren und verwalten, Content Management Audio und Videodateien The structure is easy to understand, so everybody experienced in php/MySQL is able to administrate the system

A) System requirements

Apache 2.0 (UNIX or Windows)
PHP 5.x
MySQL 4.x
Access to the php.ini file
Hard disk: min 3,5 GB (for the described amount of data)

B) Structure

There is one central entity, that:

a) can be indexed with different connected categories (i.e. one or more persons, selectable out of a list)
b) can be described in different fields as free-text (i.e. title, content, comment)

The lists (containing meta-data) themselves can be connected with other lists (1:1, 1:n, n:1, or n:m). For example the categories "country" and "continent"
Central entities themselves can be summarized to a meta-entity (for example different interviews to one project). This can be very helpful for searching.
The central entity can be broken down into single tracks (i.e. mp3-files)
Each track can be meta-data-assigned (including paths to different files)
In each track there is the possibility to set audio-markers (in the output section it may be jumped directly to every marker)

C) Features:

The User-Interface works similar as other well-known databases (i.e. Access or Filemaker)

Datenbank für ethnologische Audioaufnahmen, Feldforschung there are several tabs, where meta-data can be assigned to the data record (i.e. a interview)
Programmierung, Softwareentwicklung Köln The assignment works over web-elements as text fields, dropdown-lists or an WYSIWYG-editor incl. HTML-editing
Programmierer Köln, PHP relational integrity of the data is warranted
PHP-Programmierer in Köln

there is a security and rights management containing:
- user-security: user may only edit special records, entities or may just see defined areas in the system
- database security: one record may not be edited by more than one user at the same time

Programme für Tonarchiv, Phonogrammarchiv, Tonsammlung The complete system is UTF8-unicode-capable
Softwareentwicklung, Programmierung in Köln Special Chars are user-definable (by means of key shortcuts)
Softwareentwickler Köln, Internetprogrammierung, Internet-Datenbanken There is standard/macro function (for often used assignments)
Datenbank für historische Tonaufnahmen, Phonogrammarchive, Tonsammlungen There are special meta-data modules/add-ons as i.e. a systematic module for instrument or vocal classification
Archivierung und Verwaltung von Audiodateien und Videodateien There is a control-unit, where single or groups of data records may be (time dependent) locked and unlocked
Audio, Video im Internet verwalten und publizieren There are additional print and preview functions for single or groups of data records
Programmierung Archivsoftware für digitalisierte Tonaufnahmen The system runs in the internet or intranet as well as in a combined mode (internet and intranet)
Software für Archive und Bibliotheken The system is session-based (that means, no data is lost, when navigation through different parts of the system)
Programmierer und Softwareentwickler in Köln To access the data extensive search possibilities are implemented (full-text-, category- and free-text-search)
WebdesignProgrammierer und Webdesigner aus Köln Search results can be saved




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